Since 2008, we've assisted dentists in creating brands. Branding makes your practice stand out and conveys a consistent, memorable message. Whatever your specialty is, we can help you identify and communicate your intended reputation to current and new patients. Maintaining consistency will maximize the effectiveness of your brand.

Brand vs. Branding

Your brand is your reputation. It’s how people perceive you and how they feel about your business. It exists whether you intentionally create it or not. Branding includes all materials that support and reinforce your reputation, including all designed and written materials. There are elements of branding in everything, including your uniforms, parking lot condition, signage, front office verbiage, and all aspects of the patient experience. 

Your brand should intentionally exemplify your unique selling proposition (USP). This process includes the development of your practice's name, tagline, logo, and all subsequent marketing materials.

Logo Development

When developing your logo, we’ll recommend colors, symbols, shapes, and styles that are in alignment with your unique selling proposition. You’ll be given a variety of options with 4 unique concepts. From there, you’ll begin a process of elimination with your project manager to utilize your individual style. 

Your new logo likely won't be the one you retire with. This is because a logo should be updated every 5-7 years - or if design trends change significantly. In dentistry, patients will perceive you in one of two ways: antiquated or modern & high-tech. In most cases, you’ll want to be considered modern, as most people will see this as synonymous with comfortable and accurate care. We will guide you in achieving this.

Simplicity is important; some dentists believe that a logo should reflect everything they do. A logo for a serious and established brand is simple and does not represent the brand literally.

For example:

  • The Nike logo is not a shoe.

  • The ATT logo is not a phone.

  • The Apple logo is not a computer.

Logos should be modern and clean. You’ll want to consider how they will translate to social media profile images, window wraps, billboards, and on scrubs, even if you don’t yet plan on investing in those items. Simple logos are also easier to remember and easier to utilize on promotional items.

We will assist you in the decision making process and recommend avoiding the following common dental branding mistakes: 

  • Posting incomplete or unfinalized logo options on social media for the opinion of the masses

  • Disregarding the recommendations of our expert branding team 

  • Utilizing the color RED

  • Utilizing the “tooth” symbol, a toothbrush, or other common dental symbols

  • Failing to narrow down options by NOT selecting a color scheme, favorite font, style or symbol

  • Expecting a “love at first sight” experience

  • Expecting your logo to clearly articulate all that you offer or everyone you serve

We look forward to assisting you by helping you to facilitate branding decisions to finalize your new logo.