As you know, changing your business name can feel like a difficult endeavor.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Make the announcement to your team and get them excited about the change before introducing it to your patients. 
  • Create a press release announcing the business name change. In this document you can explain the meaning behind the name, and allow patients to feel confident that they will receive the same level of care from the same great team. 
  • Create three social media posts announcing the new name. Include reasons why the team and patients should be excited for the change.
  • Remember that patients care a lot less about your business name than you may think. They may make assumptions that other things in the business have changed if you don't take the initiative to create the narrative or story that accompanies this big change.
  • If you are a new owner and haven't yet met all of the patients, you may want to take this opportunity to make a strong positive impression on your patient base. Never hesitate to pick up the phone and to call patients, and let them know that you are excited to meet them at their next appointment.
  • Allow your team to embrace the new business name by providing them with custom business cards.
  • Consider keeping the doctors names on the logo below the new name. This version of the logo can be used for a year or longer, to help reassure the community that a new name does not mean a new team or a new business.

If you'd like assistance with the press release creation and dispersement or the custom business card design, please let us know. We're happy to provide a quote for additional supporting marketing materials.