There are many ways to utilize a TV in a waiting area. Yes, it's a marketing opportunity - just like everything else. 

I encourage you to first consider your brand (intended reputation) whenever making decisions for your practice. I'll create a few examples here to help you understand why this matters. 

Let's envision that you have a spa-like practice. Your unique selling proposition (USP) revolves around the patient's relaxing experience. In this instance, it may not make sense to stream a 30 minute loop of content about your practice. It may make sense to have calming music playing, and to have patient testimonials and their stories in writing with the relaxing music in the backdrop instead. 

Let's consider a different environment. Let's envision that your USP is convenience. You're known as the dental team that's always there for your patients. In this instance, you may see the opportunity to share helpful information about oral health care at home, and what to do in the instance of a dental emergency. You may also create content around your core values and why availability and convenience is at the heart of your practice. 

Let's consider one more option. Let's envision that your USP is all about relationships. You are building a brand of trust and relatability with your community. You may want to stream patient testimonials. You'd plan an event where 5-10 patients come in and talk about their experience with your team and how your care has changed their lives. This will help you to reinforce your intended brand. 

Sure, you can do all of the above, but just remember when you try to be everything to everyone, your brand becomes less memorable. People can't as easily and quickly recall WHY they love and choose your dental team. When you focus on a USP for your practice, you'll see over time, your reviews and referrals come in for a main reason, and you've intentionally crafted that reason over time with consistent branding. 

Other ways to use TVs and computer screens in the practice: 

1. Create a slideshow alternating between dental FAQs and Patient Testimonials
2. Create screensavers designed as an ad or billboard. (remember to keep it VERY simple and only feature a few words) 
3. Hire a videographer to conduct a long format interview. Grace is happy to interview you on her remote podcast if you'd like to leverage that content in this way. 
4. purchase third party "done for you" content to stream (this is our least favorite option due to the lack of customized branding, but still a viable option which may be better than nothing) 

We don't recommend: 
1. Letting the team put on sitcoms, series, or distracting shows
2. News
3. Anything loud or intense (some patient are battling dental anxiety)