Good afternoon Dr. _______,

Thank you for your email. Your message comes as a surprise to me, as you're only in month 2 of your campaign and we've talked more than once about the campaign needing 3 months to mature beyond the learning phase and begin to yield results. In addition, we've already seen ____ clicks, ____ conversions, and an increase of ___% of traffic in the last 2 months alone. 

Would you like to set up a call to review this early progress and the options for moving forward? If so, please book here: ______

If not, your account will be charged for the attached final invoice, and your digital assets sent upon filling out this cancelation form_______. 

It's been a pleasure working for you and I'm hopeful we can continue our progress together while giving the campaign the needed time to produce the expected results, as discussed today and in the past. 


Good afternoon Dr. ____, 

I'm sad to hear you're considering cancelation, especially after such work to get the foundation built and current rankings. Is it possible to set up a call to learn about the reason for this decision and discuss options for moving forward together, or the process in canceling? 

I look forward to speaking with you soon. Please schedule here: ______


Good afternoon Dr. ______, 

I understand you're interested in canceling your marketing services with us. I'm sorry to hear this, especially after establishing a working rapport and seeing the recent stats on your campaign. 

Is there anything we can do to keep your business? 


Good afternoon Dr._______, 

Thank you for your email. I understand you are canceling and feel our outreach has been lacking in recent months. We have sent out requests for meetings both via email blast and in individual attempts to contact you. It's possible those attempts have landed in your spam inbox or perhaps the messages were not relayed to you. In addition, we have attempted to preschedule meetings while on our last call. We try to be accommodating and offer real time reporting available 24/7, as well as online scheduling with our team for your convenience. 

My concern here is that you may not understand how our efforts have worked to drive traffic and brand recognition while upholding your current new patient numbers. Is it possible that without dedicating the time to meet with us and review stats together, that this decision may cause an expected decline in new patients?

Would it be possible before finalizing this decision to hop on a call and review the progress and stats, as well as your current goals to see what we can do to better support you, even if that's a change in strategy, budget or focus? 

If so, please book with me here. If not, we will move forward with the cancelation, which entails charging the final due invoice, sending the cancelation form, and then providing your digital assets and assistance in any transition. 

Please advise. Thank you.