Unfortunately, Google only offers the ad credit to those who have never advertised before and to entice private business owners to run their own ads without agency support. 

This "credit" is only valid under very specific circumstances, and Google does not allow us to redeem those "credits" to apply to your ad campaign with us. 

Why does Google do this? 

Simply put, they know if you start marketing on your own that you'll take their guidance. Often their guidance utilized more ad spend for the ROI. Their main recommendations are to increase budget and expand reach, which isn't always ideal for improving the ROI and minimizing risk. 

We've saved hundreds of doctors thousands of dollars by running a professionally optimized campaign and see much more value in our optimization than a one time $500 "credit". 

Although Google will not allow us to use this credit on your behalf, we can and will continue to optimize your ad spend and provide the best possible ROI for your budget.