"I want to talk to you personally before Thanksgiving, and I'm free at 7am tomorrow for your call."

It may be hard to believe, but this is an actual text, received from an actual client the week of Thanksgiving. This is not just any client, but a brand new business owner, who has yet to experience the other end of these sorts of cryptic, stressful demands. Though early in her career, and arguably, likely very naive about what it takes to run a well-oiled machine for a business, she lacks respect for boundaries, has shown little to no appreciation for anything we've done, and has brought negative energy and "concern" to every call. We're only 3 weeks into this relationship. We've completed every request, provided more than the scope of our agreement, yet the client wants to "talk"... again. She's had 2 meetings this week already. 

As you may or may not know, when hiring a business to perform a duty, the relationship is different than that of the relationship you have with your employees. 

You will need to call with questions during business hours. You will need to schedule appointments, just like your patients schedule appointments with your team. You will need to schedule with the appropriate person. Just like you wouldn't book a hygiene recall with a doctor if a hygienist is best suited for that appointment, you will need to respect and work with employees of Identity Dental Marketing.

Let's say you genuinely don't feel your point of contact is a good fit for you, for any reason. You have the ability to fill out a feedback form on our client resource page: identitydental.com/meetings As you may know, you can also see a directory of contacts at identitydental.com/meetings. At that point in time, we will be able to address your feedback with a proposed solution. 

Every once in a while, we get a client who feels they're entitled to speak to whomever they'd like, whenever they'd like. If we operated this way, we'd burnout, cease to exist, and the dental profession would have almost no ethical, viable, effective options for marketing. We wouldn't be able to serve the clients who show appreciation and value our hard working team and the results we bring. 

If you have a question about your logo or website project, you will need to contact your project manager. If you have a question about your marketing campaign or would like to request a quote for a new service, you will contact your strategist. If you would like to submit content to be added or removed from your website, you can contact webchanges@identitydental.com

As a client of Identity Dental Marketing, you may receive perks (in addition to your paid services), such as:

 - Education on how marketing works and what to expect
- Membership in our Facebook Group
- Excellent service and support
- Responses to emails within 2 business days
- Support with technical troubleshooting of accounts and digital assets
- Ability to purchase custom graphics or add-on services 
- Recommendations for third party support services outside of our scope of service offerings

We do everything we can to go above and beyond and support you with ethical and effective marketing. 

You are not entitled to: 

- Unlimited time
- After hours support (no my team doesn't work at 7am or 7pm or on Saturdays)
- Business consulting

If you feel these boundaries are unfair, I trust you'll find that no successful marketing agency operates at all hours and allows calls with all employees.