If you're considering purchasing a custom press release, it's a great idea for many situations and brings a great deal of value to any business owner. 

It's most popular for the following situations, including: 
  • Introducing a New Doctor, Hygienist, Associate, or Partner
  • Introducing a new service, technology, or expanding services to a new age group
  • To contribute to rankings on Google and expand keyword reach 
  • To build a positive online reputation, especially when someone searches for you by name or business name
  • To promote an event or special offer 
What to expect
Once you've accepted your proposal and authorized payment, the Identity Dental team will send you a questionnaire to understand the purpose of your press release. Once received, we will present you with a press release to approve or edit. Once you provide your approval, our team will distribute the press release. It'll be published live on at least 30 platforms, creating a powerful push of backlinks and a presence on the news section of Google. 

Press release marketing is the biggest missed opportunity in dental marketing as a whole. This strategy is excellent for reputation building and brand recognition. Most major influencers and business owners leverage public relations such as press release distribution.

We strongly recommend employing a monthly press release strategy to keep a constant flow of positive news about your practice spreading. You can also purchase them as needed to make announcements.