How can I get my logins for Google, Facebook, etc? 

Often times, a client will call us asking for login information to their Google, Facebook or other accounts. 

In many instances, these accounts are managed by personal accounts or email addresses. So instead of having one account with one login to access, the world has moved toward most online listing accounts have personal email addresses set up as owners of a business entity. 

If there's an instance where we have set up an account for you and you were not added as the owner at that time, we can add you as the owner. 

The process involves us logging in to our administrative account and ensuring your email (or personal profile) is set up as the admin on a given account. 

What if Identity Dental Marketing Doesn't have Access?

If we did not set it up, or do not have administrative access, you'll need to work with that platform directly to prove your ownership of the business in which the listing represents, and reclaim that ownership. This can be the process needed if a past employee or third party set up the listing and was the only owner / manager of the account. It can also be the process needed if our access was removed for any reason. 

With Google, you can sometimes claim a listing in one phone call. Other times, Google will need to verify your address by sending a postcard. This process changes every few years, as the one constant with Google is change. A simple Google search should outline the steps involved in reclaiming ownership of your local Google listing. 

How can Identity Help me Claim and Optimize my Online Presence?

With different platforms the process varies. If you'd like assistance from our team, we'll do everything we can for our active clients to help with the following instances: 

- Merging Duplicate Listings
- Encouraging Google to Remove falsified listings that interfere with your rankings
- Eliminate top ranking directory listings that do not represent your current work address or role (This often happens when past employers set up listings in your name.) 
- Proving your ownership of a listing and reclaiming access from a past employee or third party

These processes may take several weeks, depending on how many listings need to be reported, claimed, merged and removed. We cannot prove a perfect online presence, because as you may know, search engines index information and old information resurfaces over time. 

Should I consider paying a flat fee for listing automation?

Having a clean online presence isn't something you should automate. These automation tools often create duplicates and can hurt rankings more than help. This process has to be done manually for it to be done correctly and to benefit your rankings and presence. 

Do you want me to ask the seller to give me his google listing login? 

Yes, in most instances, the selling doctor should login to his personal account and make you the owner of the account. If the previous owner doesn't know how to do this. You can go to the listing on Google Maps and click the button that says "Claim this Business". From there, Google will initiate the process of proving that you are the ownership. This could take a couple weeks.