When developing your website, there are 3 people we need to impress. 

  1. Google

  2. New Patients

  3. You 

The types of website projects available

Custom Designer Website

A new custom-designed site can be yours in just 30 days. 

After your questionnaire is received, our designers, writers, and developers will get to work and will have your site ready to view in 7-14 days. From there, another 1-2 weeks will be required for quality control, form testing, hosting and domain setup and transfers (if needed), and launching. The entire process typically takes 30 days. 

Unless you wish to purchase a custom videography package, we will recommend stock photos for use. These can be replaced with “real” team and patient photos at any time with our website management and maintenance monthly service offering. 

Website Redevelopment

Our team will recode your existing website for SEO to ensure that it’s built to rank on search engines and that you are the owner. 

Once the re-coding is complete, we will assist you in purchasing hosting and domain registration services that put you in full ownership of your site. The only criteria for this service offering are that you’re investing in SEO with Identity Dental Marketing for a minimum of 6 months and that you have full ownership of the website we are recreating on your behalf. You can verify ownership by reading the contract provided by the marketing agency that created the site. 

Unlike our Custom Designer Websites, a redevelopment does not include a new layout or design changes. As a part of the service of ongoing website management, you may request photo changes on your site after the redevelopment is complete. Please allow 2 business days for the completion of these requests (and 4 days during holiday weeks). 

With this process, we will recreate your site for your full ownership and for best SEO practices.

Semi-Custom Website

Introducing our semi-custom website package - the perfect solution for those looking for a professional, customized website without breaking the bank. Our semi-custom option allows you to select from a range of design options, including pre-designed templates and color schemes, ensuring your website has a unique look and feel. Additionally, our team of experts will work with you to add your own personal touches to make your website truly stand out. With our semi-custom package, you'll be able to have a beautiful, fully-functional website at a fraction of the cost of a fully custom site.

Website Duplicate/Targeted Website

After working with us to develop your first custom designed site, you may want a second site to highlight a new location or to establish yourself as the expert in a particular service (i.e. Invisalign, Dental Implants, Cosmetics, Laser Dentistry, Sleep Apnea treatment, TMJ Disorders, etc.). We can assist you with duplication and customization of your existing site for the new focus without starting from scratch.

By duplicating a website, we are able to fully optimize each site and give you an advantage in SEO.

Whether looking to dominate on search engines with targeted websites or expand to new locations, a Duplicate or “Target” website may be ideal for you. We will provide new content and utilize a new logo (if provided or purchased) to assist in differentiating your duplicate site from your original. 

Biography Website

This turn-key solution is great for doctors and hygienists. It is quick, affordable, and is designed to rank well for a person’s name. The biography website allows for a personalized site showcasing a doctor’s credentials, experience, work samples and more. It can be leveraged to build an amazing reputation for each doctor (or hygienist) in your practice. It’s also an excellent option for doctors who are thought leaders, authors, educators, or keynote speakers. 

A biography website allows patients to find and see the testimonials (video and written) that best showcase your skills and experience. It’s also great when you’re looking to outrank the digital footprint left by past employers who may still be leveraging your name on different accounts and websites.

Website Transfer (with optional tweaks for SEO) 

Whenever taking over the website of another developer, there’s always a bit of risk involved. Prior to offering this service, our developers scan the site for builders, evaluate load speed, and consider if the current site is viable for an SEO campaign. If the competition in a town is low, the needs of the website may be less strict than if in a high competition market. Our strategists can work with our developers to evaluate if you’re a candidate for a website transfer. If so, we can help you to move your website and get it set up for our SEO services. We understand that you may already love your site and may be seeking stronger SEO support or better customer service. If it’s possible to use what you have, we certainly will with this service offering, allowing you to get started quicker and to see the results of our hard work sooner.