Your monthly marketing services (SEO, Website management, Google Ads, or Social Media Marketing) are not dependent on your website being live. With each campaign, our team has a list of items to complete which do not involve the website. Tasks that do involve the website are completed on the temp site or left unchecked until fully completed, ensuring that every month of service is completed. Our digital delegation system and internal processes ensure that every workflow is done completely and correctly. This means that if you start your marketing sooner, you will get results sooner. 

If you didn't mark your start date on your marketing onboarding payment authorization form, your plan will default to start the month after onboarding on the first of the month. 

Delaying the start of your marketing campaign simply delays results. You ARE given this opportunity by selecting the monthly marketing start date in your payment authorization form. If you need to change that information, you must do so in writing 30 days in advance to the start date. Our team works ahead to ensure our work is completed on time. 

When becoming a client of Identity Dental Marketing, we dedicate our team's time and resources to your campaign. Starting and stopping services is not an effective or efficient way to run your marketing strategy. Please take your time onboarding and communicating as to avoid any confusion as we go. 

In addition, when your site does go live, the work already completed will serve you well in establishing results sooner. If you'd like to cancel monthly marketing services, you can reach out to our team for a cancellation form. This action is non-revokable as once cancelled, if you choose to restart, we must rebuild the plans and you must engage us for another campaign build out.