If you already have email addresses associated with your domain.

This would be an address @yourdomain.com (not @hotmail or @sbcgloabl or @gmail). You will need to work with your IT professional to transport past communication to a new email host. An alternative is to leave your emails hosted where they are currently host (if your IT professional is providing this service). If you are leaving your emails with your IT professioinal's hosting solution, you would provide the MX records to Identity Dental Marketing. The MX records would allow us to ensure your domain is set up to communicate with your email hosting provider. This can only be handled by us after your domain is transferred into your own account and we've been provided access.

You can set up new email hosting with the next instructions. It's likely without the support of your IT professional, you will lose past email correspondence.

If you do not have email addresses associated with your domain, but would like them, we recommend following these instructions:

A word on HIPAA compliance
Email hosting is not a service we provide for many reasons. Most importantly, we do not access your private communication with patients, nor do we assume the responsibility of your technical security. If you would like a HIPAA secure solution, please reach out to your IT support team.

Owning Your Website
Remember, to be the true owner of your website, email correspondence, domain names, you must be set up as the owner. We recommend Siteground for website hosting and domain registration, and Google Workspace for emails.

If you have questions during the set up process, please call our office.